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Ipswich Fire Department

The primary mission of the Ipswich Fire Department is to protect lives and property as well as improve the quality of life in the Town of Ipswich through fire prevention, fire suppression, medical assistance, hazardous materials control to all who live, work or invest in the community.

FIRE STATION DEFICIENCIES FOUND.  After study, the Committee concluded that the present fire station is simply too old, too small, and in too poor condition to adequately support the present needs of the town, much less future fire needs.  Some of the deficiencies include:

  • The building was designed only to support horse-drawn equipment, not modern fire engines.  Just to keep the ground floor from collapsing under the weight of this equipment, ninety columns were installed in the basement holding up the apparatus bay floor.

  • Bay doors are too narrow and station depth too short for modern apparatus.  Because of this, Ipswich must special order all fire apparatus at extra expense.

  • The eight-foot apron between the bay doors and Central Street is too short for modern apparatus to egress safely.  This results in slower response time and numerous accidents over the years.

  • There is no space for a female firefighter.

  • The restricted size of the station hinders modern maintenance of equipment, modern programming, mechanical and storage facilities.

  • Close proximity of Winthrop School prevents training and creates standstill in front of station during dropoff/pickup at the school

  • Drainage issue and leaking water through the field stone wall on two sides have created  mold/mildew.

  • The building lacks modern insulation.

  • All these issues create working conditions that are unhealthy and unsafe, causing problems with the morale and health of fire personnel.

  • The lack of space means that some emergency vehicles are stored outside in the weather.

Ipswich Fire Department Virtual Tours

Ipswich Police Department

The primary mission of the Ipswich Police Department is to improve the quality of life in the Town of Ipswich. This goal will only be accomplished through a partnership with the Police Department and the community. By working together we can maintain the peace, provide safety and security for our citizens, reduce the fear of crime and solve problems. To be successful in our mission requires the commitment of the Administration, every employee of this Department and the citizens of our Town, all working together to maintain the Ipswich Police tradition as a trusted source of help. We are committed to delivering quality service in an effective, responsive and professional manner."

POLICE STATION DEFICIENCIES FOUND.  The Police Station similarly was found to be deficient to meet the town’s needs.

  • Nearly 3 times smaller than estimated needed program space (7,500 sq. ft. presently)

  • The building lacks privacy, administrative space, locker-room facilities (especially for women), indoor equipment storage, and public/visitor space

  • Cells are non-compliant with state Department of Public Health regulations

  • The building does not meet seismic nor American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

  • Handicap-access offers no visual sightline from the dispatchers; consequently, requiring an officer to be called off the street to assist

  • Serious officer-safety issues exist with narrow accessibility when handling combative arrestees due to steep stairway and small booking room

  • Emergency vehicles and equipment are housed outside in the weather

  • Shellfish, Harbors/Waterways, Emergency Management, and Animal Control have no office space to meet with the community

  • The four departments (above) have no storage space for their vehicles/boats and no winter operations

Ipswich Police Department Virtual Tours


October 2019



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